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Legal marijuana: what you need to know

Marijuana, also known as cannabis is a drug that induces a variety of psychological and physical effects. The substance responsible for the majority of the psychoactive properties in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol. It can be found in between 5- 15%.

The primary argument in favor of legalizing marijuana is to take its production out of criminal hands and have it monitored by government agencies. The production would be controlled and allow the authorities to check for purity as well as quality and dangers prior to distributing to the general public. To boost state revenue taxes could be imposed on cannabis-related products.

This argument is closely linked to the idea that legalizing marijuana will result in the better allocation of police resources. The legalization of marijuana has led in certain parts of the world to horrendous prison conditions for minor drug addicts, and, in every case, it diverts resources away from combating violent criminals.

Legalization permits authorities to regulate the distribution process. In order to ensure that the drugs are not sold as candy to schoolchildren Quality standards can be established. Dealers aren’t motivated to stop selling illegal substances to children as young as. Governments would be able to impose taxes on marijuana sales and allow them to share a portion of the earnings from its production and distribution. Legalization results in a reduction in criminality and a decrease of state expenditures because of less need for police.

Legalization also allows the government to regulate the environmental impact of marijuana cultivation. Many are concerned that marijuana production on a large scale will cause deforestation, erosion of soils, depletion chemical pollution, and land loss. The negative environmental impacts can usually be mitigated or removed by allowing the state to oversee cultivation practices.

Legalization could allow for better education on marijuana use. The programs could be targeted at adolescents and young children as they are informed of the possible adverse side effects resulting from the use of marijuana. Information on safe use of marijuana will not be hidden from consumers by drug dealers, who are motivated to keep them from being informed. It is available to everyone who wishes to learn more.

The state can also tax and control the sale of drugs when legalization is approved. Legalization could lead to higher revenue for the state and also a reduction in criminality and other negative social consequences. The environmental negative effects of marijuana production could be reduced or avoided by authorities of the state who will be in charge of monitoring cultivation methods and locations for growing. Additionally, better educational programs about marijuana use can allow individuals to make informed choices about their use.

There are many arguments to allow marijuana use. There aren’t many arguments against marijuana are made. Criminalization’s negative impacts overshadow any benefits which may result from it. It is clear that marijuana should be legalized by government officials for recreational purposes.

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