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Nobel laureate calls for golden rice in India

Dec 9, 2016

Nobel laureate Richard John Roberts today championed the claims of the controversial golden rice and said he was hopeful that India under Narendra Modi’s leadership would introduce it.
Golden rice is the world’s first Vitamin A-enriched rice. The controversial rice is a genetically-modified (GM) variety that is being developed by scientists in various countries, including Bangladesh.
Roberts was speaking at KIIT University’s 12th annual convocation. He said: “Activists in India have opposed GM crops. For a while, the government was also against it. But now, it seems that the government will be much more reasonable.”
Although some GM crops, such as GM brinjal and GM cotton, have been introduced in India, the move has invited criticism from many quarters. It has been alleged that GM crops lead to organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, accelerated ageing and infertility.
Roberts, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1993, is popular for his campaign for GM crops.
At the event, he also took a dig at Greenpeace – the environmental organization that has long been opposing GM crops.