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@ ABLE_AG Jan, 01

Genetic improvement of crops to contain high levels of iron is a way to overcome the malnutrition problems. #AbleAg https://t.co/UT1kZCQK9U

@ ABLE_AG Nov, 27

GM Engineering continues to provide environmental benefits & allow farmers to grow & earn more,using fewer resources https://t.co/t8MasABlxa

@ ABLE_AG Nov, 26

Latest technologies like remote sensing in #agriculture help to enhance production, #AbleAg https://t.co/EE0eQQIDVX

@ ABLE_AG Nov, 25

Every farmer knows that amazing feeling of the soil on your hands.#FarmingQuotes #AbleAg https://t.co/GgZxokLLYV

@ ABLE_AG Nov, 23

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