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Biotechnology is safe, effective and widely used by more than 18 million farmers around the world #AbleAg https://t.co/ulLEe69Gmz

@ ABLE_AG Nov, 20

Researchers have been trying to grow the grain in salty water for decades but now developed such varieties #AbleAg https://t.co/iv4ABZ6R10

@ ABLE_AG Nov, 19

Over the years we have seen a strong trend towards robots able to perform a wide range of agricultural task.#AbleAg https://t.co/WM7WCwmAw3

@ ABLE_AG Nov, 18

India exported $38 billion worth of agricultural products,making it the 7th largest exporter worldwide #DYK #AbleAg https://t.co/WJSeKil6MT

@ ABLE_AG Nov, 15

RT @Syngenta: How we help #corn growers to increase #water efficiency: https://t.co/vUyxRsC9hn https://t.co/6978bdz1A7

@ ABLE_AG Nov, 14

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