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Any powerful technology is bound to raise concern on its use in the society. Biotechnology applications are no exceptions, especially those related to genetic modification (GM technology). Therefore, most countries have appropriate regulatory policies to control development, deployment, and post-release monitoring of GM products. In India, many inter-ministerial bodies at both center- and state- level deal with these issues. Environmental release and commercialization is only authorized on a case-by-case basis, meaning de-regulation of any GM products is specific to a crop, trait, and the target region. Moreover, specific guidelines for deployment of these products are also put in place (such as use of refugia in case of Bt crops). However, the  itemwise debates, and even legal battles continue on many fronts, such as

While the raging debates go on, the benefits of technology are widely visible form the products already allowed to be commercialized such as Bt cotton in India.